TheTransmission - page 15 shortTHE TRANSMISSION

Screening: June 7th @ 7pm
Cinema: The Fox – 2236 Queen St. E.

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Release Year: 2015
Runtime: 4 minutes
Directed by: Vadim Getz
Country/Language: Russia / Russian (With English subtitles)
Premiere: International

A mysterious boy appears at a bedside of a passing away man to tell him that everything is just about to begin. The Proverb of returning back to where we all have come from.

TheTransmission_Director'sPhotoVadim Getz – Russian film director, screenwriter and composer. Was born in 1970 in Kazakhstan, where he graduated from Music College. Since 2000 had a position of a composer and sound producer at Moscow largest labels. After graduating from the film course at the New York Film Academy in 2010 has been working as the advertising and corporate films director at “NeoColors”. In 2014 Vadim’s two debut short films «Short Summer» and «The Transmission» were released. The music for the film «The Transmission» was composed by Vadim. The film was warmly received by the judges and the Russian festivals’ audience and won several awards. In 2015 a new short film «Opening the Door» will be released and the production of a full-length feature film “Clairvoyant. Prologue.» will be launched.

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