Screening @ The Bridging Festival – Cinema Under Stars

Screening: Saturday, June 4th, @ 9:00pm
Cinema: Albert Campbell Square – 150 Borough Drive

FREE – No Tickets Required

Documentary – Feature
Release Year: 2014
Runtime: 94 minutes
Directed by: Julie Bertuccelli
Country: France

This film will hit close to home for many people from Scarborough and beyond. It sums up wonderfully what it is like to be part of the ESL class. The film illustrates how such scenario unfolds with young immigrants in Paris as they learn French and adopt to their new home. A sweet, poetic, nostalgic and optimistic look into the life of the those who seek to fit in.
How to integrate into French society when you are a young immigrant newly arrived in Paris? Just join the school of La Grange aux Belles where, whether you are named Agnieszka, Eduardo, Kessa, Maryam or Youssef, you can improve your French and gradually adapt both to the French school system and to the way French people act and think… Julie Bertuccelli followed the days of the special needs class at La Grange welcoming foreign students from all over the world during the 2011-2012 school year and makes us witness to the positive spirit that prevails there under the wise guidance of Brigitte Cervoni, their inspired French teacher.


french_consulate_150pxCo Presented With Cinefranco, Alliance Francaise Toronto and Consulate General of France in Toronto

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