Wha Gwan TorontoEAST – Animating Democracy
A Scarborough Youth Film Showcase

Screening: Tuesday June 7th, @ 7:00pm
Cinema: Fox Cinema – 2236 Queen St. E

FREE – Ticket Required

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A collection of short films by youth from Scarborough 16-24 years of age.
These individuals participated in the SA EAST Animating Democracy program from November to May, learning how to make a film from the inception to completion. This free program provided 15 youth to learn about storytelling, film production, camera/lighting, writing, directing actors, editing, as well as workshops that involved special tours, guests speakers, Youth Forum on Social Change, and a World Premiere at this year’s Scarborough Worldwide Film Festival.



Directed by: Anqi Shen
Runtime: 5 min

A visual and musical journey documenting the journey of a young woman as she navigates the Scarborough Transit system.

Failing Lungs

Failing Lungs

Directed by: Cinzia Kajeguhakwa
Runtime: 11min

Phoenix is a high school student that is secretly wrangling with a mental health disorder that is impacting her life at home and school. With such overwhelming emotions phoenix struggles to find support.

Body Language

Body Language
Directed by: Ammaarah Mohamed
Runtime:  5min

Body Language opens with an unnamed boy arguing with his girlfriend. The argument escalates and he violently grabs her arm. Following, his sister faces a similar situation with her boyfriend. This short film follows the unnamed sister’s gradual breakdown after facing a violent situation with her boyfriend and the affect it has on her brother.

Vape CIty SS3

Directed by: Zach Davis
Runtime: 11min

What do you know about Vaping? It is the safer alternative to smoking cigarettes, but little is known about this growing pass time, so vapor fan and narrator Zach Davies will take you through this new underground, sub-culture and why we have nothing to fear.

Watching TV

Watching TV with My Mind Off
Directed By:  Sampreeth Rao
Runtime: 13min

Kevin Ramroop is a twenty-two year old just trying to do what he loves; making soulful and sultry r&b music. As he roams the forest of his childhood, Kevin reflects on the philosophies by which he lives his life, making sense of his past in the context of the present and the future. Drifting in and out of the physical reality of the forest and his own hyper-realistic headspace, he finally makes a discovery about his perspective on the world.

In The 6 - EAST short film

Directed by: Bunawhip
Runtime: 7min

This film takes the viewer on a nocturnal journey across the City of Toronto, combining social theory and interpretive visuals to tell an authentic story of modern day civilization. Using various modes of transport, the viewer is given a dynamic perspective of modern day economics within our everyday. Musical notes and prudent quotes hope to stimulate within each viewer, an epiphany of change needed within our society.

How to Funny rahelHow to Funny

Directed by: Rahel Elias
Runtime: 5 minutes

Synopsis: In this conversation style documentary we meet hilarious Nigerian born stand-up comedian Ify Chiwetelu. We dive in to her life as a black female stand up comic. From first jokes, to being black in stand-up, to the stand up world in general, we talk about it all.  Ify is a constant beam of light, and in this documentary we get to see her shine as she talks about the real issues around stand-up, while also helping anyone out there who wants to have a go at the art form for the first time. This focuses on the world of stand-up comedy based on her perspective as an female, African Canadian stand-up comedian.

Wha Gwan TorontoWhat’s gwanin Toronto?
Directed by: Owyna Alexander
Runtime: 8 minutes

Synopsis: Toronto has an overspill of talent, but very few Toronto artists are reaching the big time, so the question I’d like to ask is whether Toronto supports the talent it has.

nathan ssThe Arts
Directed by: Nathan Brown
Runtime: 5 minutes

Synopsis:  A young man decides to escape outer chaos by finding his inner peace, discipline and drive through the exploration of Martial arts.

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