SUNDAY, JUNE 11th – 7pm
Fox Theater (Located at 2236 Queen St. E)

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Release Year: 2017
Runtime: 13 minutes
Directed by: Vishal Srivastava
Country/Language: India / Hindi (With English subtitles)
Premiere: North America

+ Feature Film “Loving Pia” part of the Closing and Awards Night

A touching short film about a trans-woman in India finding self-worth in the face of social pressures and discrimination. Within India, trans-women still face significant discrimination, despite a long cultural history and recent legal protections as a third gender.

Vishal Srivastava – Director
Vishal Srivastava is an independent filmmaker based in Mumbai. He made his first short film ‘Sharminda’ while working in an IT firm. Since then, Vishal has been working in Mumbai as an Assistant Director, Post Production Head and Content writer . ‘Wajood (Selfhood)’, his second independent venture, has been shot in Mumbai, India.