June 6th – 7pm
UTSC (Located at 1265 Military Trail Theatre AC223)

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Release Year: 2016
Runtime: 9 minutes
Directed by: Michael Barry
Country/Language: Canada/English
Program: Local Heroes

+ Special Festival Experience

Nearly 60 years ago, Tony and Tommy Kiriakou founded The Wexford Restaurant. For generations it’s welcoming atmosphere, hot coffee, and freshly-squeezed OJ has ensured it’s position as the cornerstone of the local community. Director Michael Barry’s first film is an intimate and charming introduction to this Scarborough institution.

Michael’s Barry – Writer/Director
“The Wexford” is Michael’s Barry directorial debut. Michael is the co-founder of the Toronto Irish Film Festival, now in it’s 8th year. As a proud Scarborough resident, Michael also maintains the @scarbluffspix Twitter account, celebrating the Scarborough Bluffs. Michael’s film music can be heard at