Screening: Saturday June 7th @ 1pm
Cinema: UTSC - 1265 Military Trail - Theatre AC223

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Release Year: 2014
Runtime: 88 minutes
Directed by:  Shengze Zhu
Country/Language: China / Mandarin (With English subtitles)
Premiere: North American

Starting from a photography workshop for China’s “migrant children”, who are originally from rural areas but come with their job seeking parents to urban cities in search of a better life, the film focuses on a girl, Qin, in a harsh and unsettled portrait.


Out of Focus - Director - Shengze ZhuShengze Zhu – Director
Trained in photojournalism in the United States (at University of Missouri-Columbia) and  initially a photographer, Shengze Zhu co-founded Burn The Film Production House in 2010. She has produced and been cinematographer for several films, including DISTANT (2013). Her directory debut is a documentary feature: Out of Focus.

Official Selection:
Cinéma du réel, International First Films 2014 – Competition

RAFFCo-Presented by Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival