JUNE 6th – 7pm
UTSC (Located at 1265 Military Trail Theatre AC223)

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Release Year: 2016
Runtime: 12 minutes
Directed by: Alicia Harris
Country/Language: Canada/English

+ Special Festival Experience

It’s the 1980s, and Jay is thirteen years old. She’s managed to get her hands on a Playgirl magazine. She’s absolutely positive that it holds the key to unlocking womanhood for herself and her friends – if only they can muster the courage to open it. Alicia Harris’ hilarious coming of age short film is an all-too-relatable story about the awkward precipice of puberty.


Alicia Harris – Writer/Director
Alicia Harris is an award-winning director and production designer. Her films have screened on TVO, Bell Fibe TV, and at festivals locally and internationally. Her film Fatherhood won Best Short Film at the Scarborough Film Festival in 2015. Alicia is dedicated to creating stories that feature women and marginalized groups.