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Release Year: 2017
Runtime: 3 minutes
Directed by: Amin Malakootikhah
Country/Language: Iran
Premiere: North America

+ Feature Film “Clash

This delightful animation may be short and quirky, but it is also cleverly insightful. Social media and networked devices sure are great at letting us feel connected and compassionate. But what does this connectivity actually gain for us? Amin Malakkotikhah takes a look at what a “like” is really worth.


Amin Malakootikhah – Writer/Director
Amin Malakootikhah was born in 1991, Isfahan, Iran. After taking a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering, he took his Master’s Degree in Animation Directing as he was truly passionate about visual arts. He has always been involved in visual communication and after passing various courses in animation fields, he created his first short animation “I’m Not Alone!” on January 2017 as partial fulfillment of his MA. graduation project. He is also enthusiastic about animation research and studies.