JUNE  11th – 1pm
FOX THEATER (Located at 2236 Queen St. E)

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Release Year: 2016
Runtime: 152 minutes
Directed by: Wang Bing
Country/Language: France, China / Mandarin (With English subtitles)
Premiere: Ontario

+ Unique Festival Experience

Renowned documentarian Wang Bing’s latest film brings us into the daily lives of garment industry labourers in an eastern Chinese city. The majority of these workers are migrants, having travelled from far off villages in search of a steady job. But the employment they’ve found is piecemeal and precarious at best. With nimble camerawork and a patient approach, Wang’s observational documentary grants us a unique view of the lives for these workers. Though slow-burning, Bitter Money builds an effective and engaging portrait of life for these workers.


Wang Bing – Director
Wang Bing one of the leading documentarians currently working in China. He graduated from the Film Academy in Beijing. He is famous for his charactaristically long, and sometimes multi-part, observational documentaries about laborers and working class people of China and nearby regions. His films have won numerous awards and premiered at renowned film festivals such as Venice and Berlin.

Official Selection
Venice Film Festival 2016 – WON Human Rights Film Network Award
Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival 2016
CPH:DOX 2017

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