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Screening: June 2nd @ 2:00pm
Cinema: UTSC Theatre AA112 – 1265 Military Trail

This is a FREE screening!
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Release Year: 2014
Runtime: 3 minutes
Directed by: Henry Dunbar
Country/Language: United Kingdom / English
Premiere: International

A film about inspiration. In a world with so much to think about the man with no ideas becomes a laughing stock. ‘Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is.’ – Jackson Pollock

Director Portrait - Henry DunbarComing from a creative family I have found myself surrounded by an extensive library of inspirational art. The works of cartoonists such as Jean-Jacques Sempé and Oscar Grillo especially have inspired me to enter into the creative industry. I tend to explore the more traditional styles of animation, preferring to work with pencil and paper. This is a style I believe is in the midst of a substantial revival.



Thank you Toronto Animation Arts Festival International for co-Presenting this film with us.

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