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Screening: June 2nd @ 12:00pm
Cinema: UTSC Theatre AA112 – 1265 Military Trail

This is a FREE screening!
You can pre-book tickets via Book It button and get a 100% discount when sharing via social media or get tickets at the door.

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Release Year: 2015
Runtime: 6minutes
Directed by: Maede Jenab
Country/Language: Iran / Persian (English Subtitles)
Premiere: North American

My grandma passed away and left me alone with lots of questions about her world… now after a year passed she starts to help me to understand her world by signs and colors….

Maede JenabBorn in Tehran Maede graduated in bachelor of graphic design from university of science and culture. Studying master of animation in Trabiat modares university. Owner of “Maaed Studio” in Tehran.

Thank you TAAFI for co-Presenting this film with us.

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