Life is just a File - page 11 shortLIFE IS JUST A FILE

Screening: June 4th @ 7:30pm
Cinema: Coliseum Cineplex – 300 Borough Drive

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Release Year: 2015
Runtime: 1 minute
Directed by: Dikesh Khadgi SHahi
Country/Language: Nepal / English
Premiere: North American

As we take birth to this world and do whatever in our life we earn certificate Like Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Certificate of Excellence etc And after our Death these certificates are kept in a file and stored somewhere in the corner. so, I think Life is just a File.

Life is just a File - Directors Photograph

Born in1991 in Kathmandu Nepal ,Dikesh Khadgi Shahi is a Student of Oscar International College of Film studies, studying  Audiography was very interested in music and sounds since his childhood and wanted to be a Drummer in a band, After finishing his high school he joined film school as a passion in sound designing and was also interested in visual arts and Currently he is doing sound designing as well as Directing some short movies.

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