Screenings & Talks are 1pm and 7pm
Cinema: UTSC AA 112

A FREE full day of screenings followed by discussion on films subject and how media and film in particular shape and allow for conversations to be captured and be presented to the mass audience, both for education, pleasure and entertainment purposes
Join filmmakers, guests, University of Toronto Scarborough Professors for discussion after each film.

FREE – Ticket Required

Youth Climate Report

Wednesday June 8th – UTSC AA 112 – 1pm

Documentary – Feature
Release Year: 2015
Runtime: 45 minutes (film) – followed by a panel discussion
Directed by: Ray Kocur
Country: Canada (Scarborough)


*Producer Mark Terry (of Scarborough, ON), will join the audience for a discussion after the screening.

ABOUT: Youth Climate Report (YCR) is a crowdsourced science journalism project — by youth for the world. The project was developed by Neko Harbour Entertainment and is presented at United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) conferences in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). YCR bloggers contribute regular articles, photos and short video reports on the subject of climate change science. Video reporters take on interview duties in partnership with fellow university and college students, who act as interview segment producers. Interview teams (video reporter and segment producer) find a climate change scientist or researcher to interview. This film features a wide selection of these interviews covering important contemporary climate issues. The film was presented by the Canadian delegation at the 2015 UN Conference on Climate Change in Paris.
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Good Will Hunting
Wednesday  June 8th – UTSC AA 112 – 7pm

Release Year: 1997
Directed by: Gus Van Sant
Runtime: 126 minutes (film) followed by a Q&A

*Celebrated  Canadian Mathematician and Playwright, John Mighton,  will discuss his work on the  film and talk about connecting math through the arts.



ABOUT: Will Hunting (Matt Damon) is only twenty years old, but already stands out in his rough, working-class neighborhood in South Boston. He’s never been to college, except to scrub floors as a janitor at MIT. Yet he can summon obscure historical references from a photographic memory and almost instantly solve math problems that frustrate Nobel Prize-winning professors. The one thing he can’t do after his latest bar fight — is talk his way out of a pending jail sentence. His only hope is Sean McGuire (Robin Williams), a college professor-turned-therapist with an admiration for his emotional struggles and a keen understanding of what it’s like to fight your way through life.

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