Welcome to Scarborough! The largest district in Toronto, more than double in size of the Manhattan Island, with close to 1 million residents living in the area.

Over the last 200 years Scarborough has grown from a township to a city, changing regions to Metropolitan Toronto in 1954, eventually being amalgamated with North York, York, East York, Etobicoke and the old city of Toronto to become the new city of Toronto in 1998. The first known evidence of people in Scarborough has been dated back to 8000 BCE.

Scarborough has characteristics of a suburb of Old Toronto, but retains much of its own character and flavor. Certain neighborhoods in Scarborough are popular destinations for new immigrants to Canada, making it one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse places in the world with over 150 ethnical groups living here.

Located to the East of downtown Toronto, which is considered to be one of the best, livable and happiest cities in the world, Scarborough itself has been declared to be the greenest part of Toronto and includes some of Torontos’ and Canada’s’ popular and most beautiful landmarks, such as Canadas’ first and only National urban park – Rouge National Urban Park, Scarborough Bluffs, Guildwood Park, Highland Creek, and Toronto Zoo which is the biggest zoo in Canada.

The area was named after Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England by Elizabeth Simcoe, the wife of first lieutenant governor of Upper Canada. The bluffs along Scarborough’s lake Ontario shores reminded her of the limestone cliffs in Scarborough, England. Before that, the area was named Glasgow, after the Scottish community.

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