Toronto, May 10th, 2018 – “Our mission from the inception of the festival has always been to enrich Scarborough’s artistic vibrancy, while celebrating the power of multicultural and international media arts. 

Few weeks away from what would have been the Opening Night of the 6th annual Scarborough Worldwide Film Festival, we are faced with a decision to issue the following statement in regards to this year’s festival.
We have recently learned that an organization that overtook the annual festival in 2015, will not be hosting future editions of the festival, including a 2018 edition scheduled to take place from June 5th to 10th.
We truly regret and are deeply disheartened with the decision that was made, without taken any steps to consult with the festival founding team, partners and sponsors, and the community at large.

Lack of proper planning time to organize the next edition of the festival independently, leaves few possibilities to host the festival this year. Further more, all of the funding received from funders, sponsors and partners by the end of 2017, needed to host the 2018 festival, remained with the host organization.

Alongside many great creative initiatives and organizations that have taken flight in Scarborough, such as R.I.S.E., Cultural Hotspot, Mural Routes, ARTSIDEOUT, Y+ Contemporary, and many others, we want to believe that the Scarborough Film Festival itself brought its unique contribution in propelling, celebrating and enriching Scarborough’s artistic landscape.
We are truly grateful and would like to endlessly thank over 500 volunteers, including our Advisory Board Members, over 100 partners and sponsors, over 200 local and international artists and filmmakers, a handful of tireless staff members, and thousands of enthusiastic guests, who made the festival possible all these years, and a very special transformative moment in time in the history of Scarborough.

The festival was formed as a non-profit volunteer run organization, led by local arts and cinema professionals and aficionados. The first edition of the festival took place in 2013, welcoming over 1,000 guests. By the 5th year, the festival has welcomed over 14,000 individuals, spanning 5 locations, showcasing over 150 projects and films, from over 70 countries, becoming the largest annual cultural event in Scarborough.

Throughout the years the festival had a chance to present dozens of films by local artists, alongside cinema masters and up-and-coming filmmakers, welcoming guests from India, Georgia, Italy, U.S.A, making it a truly international gateway into Scarborough, while showcasing Scarborough to the rest of the world.
During the 2014 festival edition, the winner of the Best Short Film “Butter Lamp”, went on to receive the 2015 Academy Award.

Throughout the 5 years, the festival presented over 40 cultural programs available to the public at no cost.

Your support and involvement is as needed as ever, and our vision to bring the world to Scarborough and Scarborough to the world, wouldn’t have thrived without your support these past several years.
In the coming weeks and months we will be rolling up our sleeves to find ways in hopes to continue the work that is truly important to us and our community – building a thriving cultural sector in Scarborough.

We encourage you to get in touch with us to volunteer, share your services, donate or become a sponsor, or for any further questions, by emailing us at 

Meanwhile we would also like to encourage you to come out and enjoy various cultural offerings happening in Scarborough throughout the year, including Nuit Blanche, Doors Open, R.I.S.E., Dorris McCarthy Gallery exhibits, Cultural Hotspot events, and others.

We thank you deeply and wish you a safe and happy summer ahead!

Stay tuned!”

Sincerely yours,

The Scarborough Film Festival Founding team


About Scarborough Film Festival

Founded in 2013, Scarborough Film Festival kicked off to the audience of just over 1,000 guests, and in the next 5 years that followed became the largest cultural event in Scarborough, welcoming over 14,000 individuals to our 150 programs, representing over 70 countries. The festival originally formed as a volunteer-driven Non-For-Profit run collective led by arts and culture-professionals and aficionados. There is no organization in Scarborough or similar organization outside of Toronto downtown core that currently provides the services and emphasis that Scarborough Film Festival provides. Scarborough Film Festival is filling an important gap in alternative programming, education and entertainment, and enhancing cultural landscape of East York and Scarborough through the art of international films and multicultural cinema.

We would like to thank generous sponsors who supported the Scarborough Worldwide Film Festival throughout the years: Ontario Arts Council, City of Toronto, Toronto Arts Council, Scarborough Town Centre, RBC Royal Bank of Canada, University of Toronto Scarborough, KPMG, WJ Properties, Centennial Collage, TD Bank, Media Sponsors – NOW, Scarborough Mirror, BlogTO, Snapd Scarborough.

For additional information: or visit our official web site at

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